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clang::arcmt::trans::MigrationContext::GCAttrOccurrence Struct Reference

#include "/home/buildbot/as-worker-4/publish-doxygen-docs/llvm-project/clang/lib/ARCMigrate/Transforms.h"

Public Types

enum  AttrKind { Weak , Strong }

Public Attributes

enum clang::arcmt::trans::MigrationContext::GCAttrOccurrence::AttrKind Kind
SourceLocation Loc
QualType ModifiedType
bool FullyMigratable
 true if the attribute is owned, e.g.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 86 of file Transforms.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ AttrKind


Definition at line 87 of file Transforms.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Dcl

Decl* clang::arcmt::trans::MigrationContext::GCAttrOccurrence::Dcl

Definition at line 90 of file Transforms.h.

◆ FullyMigratable

bool clang::arcmt::trans::MigrationContext::GCAttrOccurrence::FullyMigratable

true if the attribute is owned, e.g.

it is in a body and not just in an interface.

Definition at line 93 of file Transforms.h.

◆ Kind

enum clang::arcmt::trans::MigrationContext::GCAttrOccurrence::AttrKind clang::arcmt::trans::MigrationContext::GCAttrOccurrence::Kind

◆ Loc

SourceLocation clang::arcmt::trans::MigrationContext::GCAttrOccurrence::Loc

Definition at line 88 of file Transforms.h.

◆ ModifiedType

QualType clang::arcmt::trans::MigrationContext::GCAttrOccurrence::ModifiedType

Definition at line 89 of file Transforms.h.

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