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clang::OMPUsesAllocatorsClause::Data Struct Reference

Data for list of allocators. More...

#include "clang/AST/OpenMPClause.h"

Public Attributes

ExprAllocator = nullptr
ExprAllocatorTraits = nullptr
 Allocator traits.
SourceLocation LParenLoc
 Locations of '(' and ')' symbols.
SourceLocation RParenLoc

Detailed Description

Data for list of allocators.

Definition at line 8518 of file OpenMPClause.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Allocator

Expr* clang::OMPUsesAllocatorsClause::Data::Allocator = nullptr

◆ AllocatorTraits

Expr* clang::OMPUsesAllocatorsClause::Data::AllocatorTraits = nullptr

◆ LParenLoc

SourceLocation clang::OMPUsesAllocatorsClause::Data::LParenLoc

Locations of '(' and ')' symbols.

Definition at line 8524 of file OpenMPClause.h.

Referenced by clang::Sema::ActOnOpenMPUsesAllocatorClause(), and clang::OMPUsesAllocatorsClause::getAllocatorData().

◆ RParenLoc

SourceLocation clang::OMPUsesAllocatorsClause::Data::RParenLoc

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