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clang::OMPUsesAllocatorsClause::Data Struct Reference

Data for list of allocators. More...

#include "clang/AST/OpenMPClause.h"

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Public Attributes

ExprAllocator = nullptr
 Allocator. More...
ExprAllocatorTraits = nullptr
 Allocator traits. More...
SourceLocation LParenLoc
 Locations of '(' and ')' symbols. More...
SourceLocation RParenLoc

Detailed Description

Data for list of allocators.

Definition at line 8125 of file OpenMPClause.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Allocator

Expr* clang::OMPUsesAllocatorsClause::Data::Allocator = nullptr

◆ AllocatorTraits

Expr* clang::OMPUsesAllocatorsClause::Data::AllocatorTraits = nullptr

Allocator traits.

Definition at line 8129 of file OpenMPClause.h.

Referenced by clang::CodeGen::CGOpenMPRuntime::emitTargetOutlinedFunction().

◆ LParenLoc

SourceLocation clang::OMPUsesAllocatorsClause::Data::LParenLoc

Locations of '(' and ')' symbols.

Definition at line 8131 of file OpenMPClause.h.

◆ RParenLoc

SourceLocation clang::OMPUsesAllocatorsClause::Data::RParenLoc

Definition at line 8131 of file OpenMPClause.h.

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