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movdirintrin.h File Reference

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static __inline__ void __attribute__ ((__always_inline__, __nodebug__, __target__("movdiri"))) _directstoreu_u32(void *__dst
static __inline__ void __attribute__ ((__always_inline__, __nodebug__, __target__("movdir64b"))) _movdir64b(void *__dst __attribute__((align_value(64)))


static __inline__ void unsigned int __value
static __inline__ void const void * __src

Function Documentation

◆ __attribute__() [1/2]

static __inline__ void __attribute__ ( (__always_inline__, __nodebug__, __target__("movdir64b"))  )

◆ __attribute__() [2/2]

static __inline__ void __attribute__ ( (__always_inline__, __nodebug__, __target__("movdiri"))  )

Variable Documentation

◆ __src

__inline__ void const void* __src
Initial value:
__builtin_ia32_movdir64b(__dst, __src)
static __inline__ void const void * __src
Definition: movdirintrin.h:45

Definition at line 44 of file movdirintrin.h.

Referenced by _enqcmd(), _enqcmds(), _mm512_mask_and_epi32(), _mm512_mask_and_epi64(), _mm512_mask_or_epi32(), _mm512_mask_or_epi64(), _mm512_mask_xor_epi32(), and _mm512_mask_xor_epi64().

◆ __value

__inline__ void unsigned int __value
Initial value:
__builtin_ia32_directstore_u32((unsigned int *)__dst, (unsigned int)__value)
static __inline__ void unsigned int __value
Definition: movdirintrin.h:20

Definition at line 19 of file movdirintrin.h.

Referenced by _ptwrite32().