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clang::arcmt::MigrationPass Class Reference

#include "/home/buildbot/as-worker-4/publish-doxygen-docs/llvm-project/clang/lib/ARCMigrate/Internals.h"

Public Member Functions

 MigrationPass (ASTContext &Ctx, LangOptions::GCMode OrigGCMode, Sema &sema, TransformActions &TA, const CapturedDiagList &capturedDiags, std::vector< SourceLocation > &ARCMTMacroLocs)
const CapturedDiagListgetDiags () const
bool isGCMigration () const
bool noFinalizeRemoval () const
void setNoFinalizeRemoval (bool val)
bool CFBridgingFunctionsDefined ()

Public Attributes

LangOptions::GCMode OrigGCMode
MigratorOptions MigOptions
const CapturedDiagListCapturedDiags
std::vector< SourceLocation > & ARCMTMacroLocs
std::optional< boolEnableCFBridgeFns

Detailed Description

Definition at line 146 of file Internals.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MigrationPass()

clang::arcmt::MigrationPass::MigrationPass ( ASTContext Ctx,
LangOptions::GCMode  OrigGCMode,
Sema sema,
TransformActions TA,
const CapturedDiagList capturedDiags,
std::vector< SourceLocation > &  ARCMTMacroLocs 

Definition at line 157 of file Internals.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CFBridgingFunctionsDefined()

bool MigrationPass::CFBridgingFunctionsDefined ( )

Definition at line 27 of file Transforms.cpp.

◆ getDiags()

const CapturedDiagList & clang::arcmt::MigrationPass::getDiags ( ) const

Definition at line 163 of file Internals.h.

References CapturedDiags.

◆ isGCMigration()

bool clang::arcmt::MigrationPass::isGCMigration ( ) const

Definition at line 165 of file Internals.h.

References clang::LangOptionsBase::NonGC, and OrigGCMode.

Referenced by traverseAST().

◆ noFinalizeRemoval()

bool clang::arcmt::MigrationPass::noFinalizeRemoval ( ) const

Definition at line 166 of file Internals.h.

References MigOptions, and clang::MigratorOptions::NoFinalizeRemoval.

◆ setNoFinalizeRemoval()

void clang::arcmt::MigrationPass::setNoFinalizeRemoval ( bool  val)

Member Data Documentation

◆ ARCMTMacroLocs

std::vector<SourceLocation>& clang::arcmt::MigrationPass::ARCMTMacroLocs

◆ CapturedDiags

const CapturedDiagList& clang::arcmt::MigrationPass::CapturedDiags

Definition at line 153 of file Internals.h.

Referenced by getDiags().

◆ Ctx

ASTContext& clang::arcmt::MigrationPass::Ctx

◆ EnableCFBridgeFns

std::optional<bool> clang::arcmt::MigrationPass::EnableCFBridgeFns

Definition at line 155 of file Internals.h.

◆ MigOptions

MigratorOptions clang::arcmt::MigrationPass::MigOptions

Definition at line 150 of file Internals.h.

Referenced by noFinalizeRemoval(), and setNoFinalizeRemoval().

◆ OrigGCMode

LangOptions::GCMode clang::arcmt::MigrationPass::OrigGCMode

Definition at line 149 of file Internals.h.

Referenced by isGCMigration().

◆ SemaRef

Sema& clang::arcmt::MigrationPass::SemaRef

Definition at line 151 of file Internals.h.

Referenced by clang::arcmt::trans::getNilString().

◆ TA

TransformActions& clang::arcmt::MigrationPass::TA

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