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clang::CodeGen::CGHLSLRuntime Class Reference

#include "/home/buildbot/as-worker-4/publish-doxygen-docs/llvm-project/clang/lib/CodeGen/CGHLSLRuntime.h"


struct  Buffer
struct  BufferResBinding

Public Member Functions

 CGHLSLRuntime (CodeGenModule &CGM)
virtual ~CGHLSLRuntime ()
void annotateHLSLResource (const VarDecl *D, llvm::GlobalVariable *GV)
void generateGlobalCtorDtorCalls ()
void addBuffer (const HLSLBufferDecl *D)
void finishCodeGen ()
void setHLSLEntryAttributes (const FunctionDecl *FD, llvm::Function *Fn)
void emitEntryFunction (const FunctionDecl *FD, llvm::Function *Fn)
void setHLSLFunctionAttributes (llvm::Function *, const FunctionDecl *)

Protected Member Functions

llvm::Value * emitInputSemantic (llvm::IRBuilder<> &B, const ParmVarDecl &D, llvm::Type *Ty)

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Definition at line 69 of file CGHLSLRuntime.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CGHLSLRuntime()

clang::CodeGen::CGHLSLRuntime::CGHLSLRuntime ( CodeGenModule CGM)

Definition at line 110 of file CGHLSLRuntime.h.

◆ ~CGHLSLRuntime()

virtual clang::CodeGen::CGHLSLRuntime::~CGHLSLRuntime ( )

Definition at line 111 of file CGHLSLRuntime.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addBuffer()

void CGHLSLRuntime::addBuffer ( const HLSLBufferDecl D)

Definition at line 160 of file CGHLSLRuntime.cpp.

Referenced by clang::CodeGen::CodeGenModule::EmitTopLevelDecl().

◆ annotateHLSLResource()

void CGHLSLRuntime::annotateHLSLResource ( const VarDecl D,
llvm::GlobalVariable *  GV 

◆ emitEntryFunction()

void CGHLSLRuntime::emitEntryFunction ( const FunctionDecl FD,
llvm::Function *  Fn 

◆ emitInputSemantic()

llvm::Value * CGHLSLRuntime::emitInputSemantic ( llvm::IRBuilder<> &  B,
const ParmVarDecl D,
llvm::Type *  Ty 

◆ finishCodeGen()

void CGHLSLRuntime::finishCodeGen ( )

◆ generateGlobalCtorDtorCalls()

void CGHLSLRuntime::generateGlobalCtorDtorCalls ( )

Definition at line 426 of file CGHLSLRuntime.cpp.

References CGM, gatherFunctions(), clang::CodeGen::CodeGenModule::getModule(), and clang::T.

Referenced by finishCodeGen().

◆ setHLSLEntryAttributes()

void clang::CodeGen::CGHLSLRuntime::setHLSLEntryAttributes ( const FunctionDecl FD,
llvm::Function *  Fn 

Definition at line 310 of file CGHLSLRuntime.cpp.

References clang::Decl::getAttr().

Referenced by emitEntryFunction().

◆ setHLSLFunctionAttributes()

void clang::CodeGen::CGHLSLRuntime::setHLSLFunctionAttributes ( llvm::Function *  ,
const FunctionDecl  

Member Data Documentation


CodeGenModule& clang::CodeGen::CGHLSLRuntime::CGM

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