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ASTDumperUtils.h File Reference
#include "llvm/Support/raw_ostream.h"

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struct  clang::TerminalColor
class  clang::ColorScope


namespace  clang
 The JSON file list parser is used to communicate input to InstallAPI.


enum  clang::ASTDumpOutputFormat { clang::ADOF_Default , clang::ADOF_JSON }
 Used to specify the format for printing AST dump information. More...


static const TerminalColor clang::DeclKindNameColor = {llvm::raw_ostream::GREEN, true}
static const TerminalColor clang::AttrColor = {llvm::raw_ostream::BLUE, true}
static const TerminalColor clang::StmtColor = {llvm::raw_ostream::MAGENTA, true}
static const TerminalColor clang::CommentColor = {llvm::raw_ostream::BLUE, false}
static const TerminalColor clang::TypeColor = {llvm::raw_ostream::GREEN, false}
static const TerminalColor clang::AddressColor = {llvm::raw_ostream::YELLOW, false}
static const TerminalColor clang::LocationColor = {llvm::raw_ostream::YELLOW, false}
static const TerminalColor clang::ValueKindColor = {llvm::raw_ostream::CYAN, false}
static const TerminalColor clang::ObjectKindColor = {llvm::raw_ostream::CYAN, false}
static const TerminalColor clang::ErrorsColor = {llvm::raw_ostream::RED, true}
static const TerminalColor clang::NullColor = {llvm::raw_ostream::BLUE, false}
static const TerminalColor clang::UndeserializedColor
static const TerminalColor clang::CastColor = {llvm::raw_ostream::RED, false}
static const TerminalColor clang::ValueColor = {llvm::raw_ostream::CYAN, true}
static const TerminalColor clang::DeclNameColor = {llvm::raw_ostream::CYAN, true}
static const TerminalColor clang::IndentColor = {llvm::raw_ostream::BLUE, false}