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clang::tidy::openmp Namespace Reference


class  ExceptionEscapeCheck
 Analyzes OpenMP Structured Blocks and checks that no exception escapes out of the Structured Block it was thrown in. More...
class  OpenMPModule
 This module is for OpenMP-specific checks. More...
class  UseDefaultNoneCheck
 Finds OpenMP directives that are allowed to contain a default clause, but either don't specify it or the clause is specified but with the kind other than none, and suggests to use the default(none) clause. More...


static ClangTidyModuleRegistry::Add< OpenMPModuleX ("openmp-module", "Adds OpenMP-specific checks.")

Function Documentation

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static ClangTidyModuleRegistry::Add< OpenMPModule > clang::tidy::openmp::X ( "openmp-module"  ,
"Adds OpenMP-specific checks."