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clang::find_all_symbols Namespace Reference


class  FindAllMacros
 A preprocessor that collects all macro symbols. More...
class  FindAllSymbols
 FindAllSymbols collects all classes, free standing functions and global variables with some extra information such as the path of the header file, the namespaces they are contained in, the type of variables and the parameter types of functions. More...
class  FindAllSymbolsAction
class  FindAllSymbolsActionFactory
class  HeaderMapCollector
 HeaderMappCollector collects all remapping header files. More...
class  PragmaCommentHandler
 PragmaCommentHandler parses pragma comment on include files to determine when we should include a different header from the header that directly defines a symbol. More...
struct  SymbolAndSignals
class  SymbolInfo
 Describes a named symbol from a header. More...
class  SymbolReporter
 An interface for classes that collect symbols. More...
class  YamlReporter


std::string getIncludePath (const SourceManager &SM, SourceLocation Loc, const HeaderMapCollector *Collector=nullptr)
 This calculates the include path for Loc.
const HeaderMapCollector::RegexHeaderMapgetSTLPostfixHeaderMap ()
bool WriteSymbolInfosToStream (llvm::raw_ostream &OS, const SymbolInfo::SignalMap &Symbols)
 Write SymbolInfos to a stream (YAML format).
std::vector< SymbolAndSignalsReadSymbolInfosFromYAML (llvm::StringRef Yaml)
 Read SymbolInfos from a YAML document.
bool Merge (llvm::StringRef MergeDir, llvm::StringRef OutputFile)

Function Documentation

◆ getIncludePath()

std::string clang::find_all_symbols::getIncludePath ( const SourceManager &  SM,
SourceLocation  Loc,
const HeaderMapCollector Collector = nullptr 

This calculates the include path for Loc.

LocA SourceLocation.
CollectorAn optional header mapping collector.
The file path (or mapped file path if Collector is provided) of the header that includes Loc. If Loc comes from .inc header file, Loc is set to the location from which the .inc header file is included. If Loc is invalid or comes from a main file, this returns an empty string.

Definition at line 17 of file PathConfig.cpp.

References ID, and Loc.

◆ getSTLPostfixHeaderMap()

const HeaderMapCollector::RegexHeaderMap * clang::find_all_symbols::getSTLPostfixHeaderMap ( )

Definition at line 14 of file STLPostfixHeaderMap.cpp.

◆ Merge()

bool clang::find_all_symbols::Merge ( llvm::StringRef  MergeDir,
llvm::StringRef  OutputFile 

Definition at line 76 of file FindAllSymbolsMain.cpp.

◆ ReadSymbolInfosFromYAML()

std::vector< SymbolAndSignals > clang::find_all_symbols::ReadSymbolInfosFromYAML ( llvm::StringRef  Yaml)

Read SymbolInfos from a YAML document.

Definition at line 126 of file SymbolInfo.cpp.

Referenced by clang::include_fixer::YamlSymbolIndex::createFromFile(), and clang::include_fixer::FuzzySymbolIndex::createFromYAML().

◆ WriteSymbolInfosToStream()

bool clang::find_all_symbols::WriteSymbolInfosToStream ( llvm::raw_ostream &  OS,
const SymbolInfo::SignalMap Symbols 

Write SymbolInfos to a stream (YAML format).

Definition at line 116 of file SymbolInfo.cpp.

References OS.

Referenced by clang::find_all_symbols::YamlReporter::reportSymbols().