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clang::ASTUnit::StandaloneDiagnostic Struct Reference

#include "clang/Frontend/ASTUnit.h"

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Public Attributes

unsigned ID
DiagnosticsEngine::Level Level
std::string Message
std::string Filename
unsigned LocOffset
std::vector< std::pair< unsigned, unsigned > > Ranges
std::vector< StandaloneFixItFixIts

Detailed Description

Definition at line 98 of file ASTUnit.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Filename

std::string clang::ASTUnit::StandaloneDiagnostic::Filename

Definition at line 102 of file ASTUnit.h.

◆ FixIts

std::vector<StandaloneFixIt> clang::ASTUnit::StandaloneDiagnostic::FixIts

Definition at line 105 of file ASTUnit.h.

◆ ID

unsigned clang::ASTUnit::StandaloneDiagnostic::ID

Definition at line 99 of file ASTUnit.h.

◆ Level

DiagnosticsEngine::Level clang::ASTUnit::StandaloneDiagnostic::Level

Definition at line 100 of file ASTUnit.h.

◆ LocOffset

unsigned clang::ASTUnit::StandaloneDiagnostic::LocOffset

Definition at line 103 of file ASTUnit.h.

◆ Message

std::string clang::ASTUnit::StandaloneDiagnostic::Message

Definition at line 101 of file ASTUnit.h.

◆ Ranges

std::vector<std::pair<unsigned, unsigned> > clang::ASTUnit::StandaloneDiagnostic::Ranges

Definition at line 104 of file ASTUnit.h.

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