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clang::serialization::reader::ASTIdentifierLookupTraitBase Class Reference

Base class for the trait describing the on-disk hash table for the identifiers in an AST file. More...

#include "/opt/doxygen-docs/src/llvm/tools/clang/lib/Serialization/ASTReaderInternals.h"

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Public Types

using external_key_type = StringRef
using internal_key_type = StringRef
using hash_value_type = unsigned
using offset_type = unsigned

Static Public Member Functions

static bool EqualKey (const internal_key_type &a, const internal_key_type &b)
static hash_value_type ComputeHash (const internal_key_type &a)
static std::pair< unsigned, unsigned > ReadKeyDataLength (const unsigned char *&d)
static const internal_key_typeGetInternalKey (const external_key_type &x)
static const external_key_typeGetExternalKey (const internal_key_type &x)
static internal_key_type ReadKey (const unsigned char *d, unsigned n)

Detailed Description

Base class for the trait describing the on-disk hash table for the identifiers in an AST file.

This class is not useful by itself; rather, it provides common functionality for accessing the on-disk hash table of identifiers in an AST file. Different subclasses customize that functionality based on what information they are interested in. Those subclasses must provide the data_type type and the ReadData operation, only.

Definition at line 131 of file ASTReaderInternals.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ external_key_type

Definition at line 133 of file ASTReaderInternals.h.

◆ hash_value_type

Definition at line 135 of file ASTReaderInternals.h.

◆ internal_key_type

Definition at line 134 of file ASTReaderInternals.h.

◆ offset_type

Definition at line 136 of file ASTReaderInternals.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ComputeHash()

unsigned ASTIdentifierLookupTraitBase::ComputeHash ( const internal_key_type a)

Definition at line 884 of file ASTReader.cpp.

◆ EqualKey()

static bool clang::serialization::reader::ASTIdentifierLookupTraitBase::EqualKey ( const internal_key_type a,
const internal_key_type b 

◆ GetExternalKey()

static const external_key_type& clang::serialization::reader::ASTIdentifierLookupTraitBase::GetExternalKey ( const internal_key_type x)

◆ GetInternalKey()

static const internal_key_type& clang::serialization::reader::ASTIdentifierLookupTraitBase::GetInternalKey ( const external_key_type x)

Definition at line 149 of file ASTReaderInternals.h.

◆ ReadKey()

ASTIdentifierLookupTraitBase::internal_key_type ASTIdentifierLookupTraitBase::ReadKey ( const unsigned char *  d,
unsigned  n 

Definition at line 898 of file ASTReader.cpp.

◆ ReadKeyDataLength()

std::pair< unsigned, unsigned > ASTIdentifierLookupTraitBase::ReadKeyDataLength ( const unsigned char *&  d)

Definition at line 889 of file ASTReader.cpp.

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