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clang::interp::Scope Class Referencefinal

Describes a scope block. More...

#include "/home/buildbot/as-worker-4/publish-doxygen-docs/llvm-project/clang/lib/AST/Interp/Function.h"


struct  Local
 Information about a local's storage. More...

Public Types

using LocalVectorTy = llvm::SmallVector< Local, 8 >

Public Member Functions

 Scope (LocalVectorTy &&Descriptors)
llvm::iterator_range< LocalVectorTy::const_iterator > locals () const

Detailed Description

Describes a scope block.

The block gathers all the descriptors of the locals defined in this block.

Definition at line 35 of file Function.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ LocalVectorTy

Definition at line 45 of file Function.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Scope()

clang::interp::Scope::Scope ( LocalVectorTy &&  Descriptors)

Definition at line 47 of file Function.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ locals()

llvm::iterator_range< LocalVectorTy::const_iterator > clang::interp::Scope::locals ( ) const

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