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clang::TemporaryObjectConstructionContext Class Reference

Represents a temporary object, eg. More...

#include "clang/Analysis/ConstructionContext.h"

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Public Member Functions

const CXXBindTemporaryExprgetCXXBindTemporaryExpr () const
 CXXBindTemporaryExpr here is non-null as long as the temporary has a non-trivial destructor.
const MaterializeTemporaryExprgetMaterializedTemporaryExpr () const
 MaterializeTemporaryExpr is non-null as long as the temporary is actually used after construction, eg.
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::ConstructionContext
Kind getKind () const
virtual const ArrayInitLoopExprgetArrayInitLoop () const
virtual ~ConstructionContext ()=default

Static Public Member Functions

static bool classof (const ConstructionContext *CC)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from clang::ConstructionContext
static const ConstructionContextcreateFromLayers (BumpVectorContext &C, const ConstructionContextLayer *TopLayer)
 Consume the construction context layer, together with its parent layers, and wrap it up into a complete construction context.

Protected Member Functions

 TemporaryObjectConstructionContext (ConstructionContext::Kind K, const CXXBindTemporaryExpr *BTE, const MaterializeTemporaryExpr *MTE)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from clang::ConstructionContext
 ConstructionContext (Kind K)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from clang::ConstructionContext
enum  Kind {
  SimpleVariableKind , CXX17ElidedCopyVariableKind , VARIABLE_BEGIN = SimpleVariableKind , VARIABLE_END = CXX17ElidedCopyVariableKind ,
  SimpleConstructorInitializerKind , CXX17ElidedCopyConstructorInitializerKind , INITIALIZER_BEGIN = SimpleConstructorInitializerKind , INITIALIZER_END = CXX17ElidedCopyConstructorInitializerKind ,
  NewAllocatedObjectKind , SimpleTemporaryObjectKind , ElidedTemporaryObjectKind , TEMPORARY_BEGIN = SimpleTemporaryObjectKind ,
  TEMPORARY_END = ElidedTemporaryObjectKind , SimpleReturnedValueKind , CXX17ElidedCopyReturnedValueKind , RETURNED_VALUE_BEGIN = SimpleReturnedValueKind ,
  RETURNED_VALUE_END = CXX17ElidedCopyReturnedValueKind , ArgumentKind , LambdaCaptureKind
- Protected Attributes inherited from clang::ConstructionContext
Kind K

Detailed Description

Represents a temporary object, eg.

T(123), that does not immediately cross function boundaries "by value"; constructors that construct function value-type arguments or values that are immediately returned from the function that returns a value receive separate construction context kinds.

Definition at line 486 of file ConstructionContext.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TemporaryObjectConstructionContext()

clang::TemporaryObjectConstructionContext::TemporaryObjectConstructionContext ( ConstructionContext::Kind  K,
const CXXBindTemporaryExpr BTE,
const MaterializeTemporaryExpr MTE 

Definition at line 491 of file ConstructionContext.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ classof()

static bool clang::TemporaryObjectConstructionContext::classof ( const ConstructionContext CC)

◆ getCXXBindTemporaryExpr()

const CXXBindTemporaryExpr * clang::TemporaryObjectConstructionContext::getCXXBindTemporaryExpr ( ) const

CXXBindTemporaryExpr here is non-null as long as the temporary has a non-trivial destructor.

Definition at line 504 of file ConstructionContext.h.

◆ getMaterializedTemporaryExpr()

const MaterializeTemporaryExpr * clang::TemporaryObjectConstructionContext::getMaterializedTemporaryExpr ( ) const

MaterializeTemporaryExpr is non-null as long as the temporary is actually used after construction, eg.

by binding to a reference (lifetime extension), accessing a field, calling a method, or passing it into a function (an elidable copy or move constructor would be a common example) by reference.

Definition at line 513 of file ConstructionContext.h.

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