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clang::MemberPointerTypeLoc Class Reference

Wrapper for source info for member pointers. More...

#include "clang/AST/TypeLoc.h"

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Public Member Functions

SourceLocation getStarLoc () const
void setStarLoc (SourceLocation Loc)
const TypegetClass () const
TypeSourceInfogetClassTInfo () const
void setClassTInfo (TypeSourceInfo *TI)
void initializeLocal (ASTContext &Context, SourceLocation Loc)
SourceRange getLocalSourceRange () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::PointerLikeTypeLoc< MemberPointerTypeLoc, MemberPointerType, MemberPointerLocInfo >
SourceLocation getSigilLoc () const
void setSigilLoc (SourceLocation Loc)
TypeLoc getPointeeLoc () const
SourceRange getLocalSourceRange () const
void initializeLocal (ASTContext &Context, SourceLocation Loc)
QualType getInnerType () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::ConcreteTypeLoc< Base, Derived, TypeClass, LocalData >
unsigned getLocalDataAlignment () const
unsigned getLocalDataSize () const
void copyLocal (Derived other)
TypeLoc getNextTypeLoc () const
const TypeClass * getTypePtr () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from clang::ConcreteTypeLoc< Base, Derived, TypeClass, LocalData >
unsigned getExtraLocalDataSize () const
unsigned getExtraLocalDataAlignment () const
LocalData * getLocalData () const
void * getExtraLocalData () const
 Gets a pointer past the Info structure; useful for classes with local data that can't be captured in the Info (e.g.
void * getNonLocalData () const
HasNoInnerType getInnerType () const
TypeLoc getInnerTypeLoc () const

Detailed Description

Wrapper for source info for member pointers.

Definition at line 1330 of file TypeLoc.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getClass()

const Type * clang::MemberPointerTypeLoc::getClass ( ) const

◆ getClassTInfo()

TypeSourceInfo * clang::MemberPointerTypeLoc::getClassTInfo ( ) const

◆ getLocalSourceRange()

SourceRange clang::MemberPointerTypeLoc::getLocalSourceRange ( ) const

Definition at line 1359 of file TypeLoc.h.

References getClassTInfo(), and getStarLoc().

◆ getStarLoc()

SourceLocation clang::MemberPointerTypeLoc::getStarLoc ( ) const

◆ initializeLocal()

void clang::MemberPointerTypeLoc::initializeLocal ( ASTContext Context,
SourceLocation  Loc 

◆ setClassTInfo()

void clang::MemberPointerTypeLoc::setClassTInfo ( TypeSourceInfo TI)

◆ setStarLoc()

void clang::MemberPointerTypeLoc::setStarLoc ( SourceLocation  Loc)

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