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clang::CodeCompletionBuilder Class Reference

A builder class used to construct new code-completion strings. More...

#include "clang/Sema/CodeCompleteConsumer.h"

Public Types

using Chunk = CodeCompletionString::Chunk

Public Member Functions

 CodeCompletionBuilder (CodeCompletionAllocator &Allocator, CodeCompletionTUInfo &CCTUInfo)
 CodeCompletionBuilder (CodeCompletionAllocator &Allocator, CodeCompletionTUInfo &CCTUInfo, unsigned Priority, CXAvailabilityKind Availability)
CodeCompletionAllocatorgetAllocator () const
 Retrieve the allocator into which the code completion strings should be allocated. More...
CodeCompletionTUInfogetCodeCompletionTUInfo () const
CodeCompletionStringTakeString ()
 Take the resulting completion string. More...
void AddTypedTextChunk (const char *Text)
 Add a new typed-text chunk. More...
void AddTextChunk (const char *Text)
 Add a new text chunk. More...
void AddOptionalChunk (CodeCompletionString *Optional)
 Add a new optional chunk. More...
void AddPlaceholderChunk (const char *Placeholder)
 Add a new placeholder chunk. More...
void AddInformativeChunk (const char *Text)
 Add a new informative chunk. More...
void AddResultTypeChunk (const char *ResultType)
 Add a new result-type chunk. More...
void AddCurrentParameterChunk (const char *CurrentParameter)
 Add a new current-parameter chunk. More...
void AddChunk (CodeCompletionString::ChunkKind CK, const char *Text="")
 Add a new chunk. More...
void AddAnnotation (const char *A)
void addParentContext (const DeclContext *DC)
 Add the parent context information to this code completion. More...
const char * getBriefComment () const
void addBriefComment (StringRef Comment)
StringRef getParentName () const

Detailed Description

A builder class used to construct new code-completion strings.

Definition at line 677 of file CodeCompleteConsumer.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Chunk

Definition at line 679 of file CodeCompleteConsumer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CodeCompletionBuilder() [1/2]

clang::CodeCompletionBuilder::CodeCompletionBuilder ( CodeCompletionAllocator Allocator,
CodeCompletionTUInfo CCTUInfo 

Definition at line 695 of file CodeCompleteConsumer.h.

◆ CodeCompletionBuilder() [2/2]

clang::CodeCompletionBuilder::CodeCompletionBuilder ( CodeCompletionAllocator Allocator,
CodeCompletionTUInfo CCTUInfo,
unsigned  Priority,
CXAvailabilityKind  Availability 

Definition at line 699 of file CodeCompleteConsumer.h.

References Priority.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddAnnotation()

void clang::CodeCompletionBuilder::AddAnnotation ( const char *  A)

Definition at line 740 of file CodeCompleteConsumer.h.

◆ addBriefComment()

void CodeCompletionBuilder::addBriefComment ( StringRef  Comment)

Definition at line 489 of file CodeCompleteConsumer.cpp.

◆ AddChunk()

void CodeCompletionBuilder::AddChunk ( CodeCompletionString::ChunkKind  CK,
const char *  Text = "" 

Add a new chunk.

Definition at line 471 of file CodeCompleteConsumer.cpp.

References Text.

Referenced by AddFunctionParameterChunks(), AddOverloadParameterChunks(), and AddTemplateParameterChunks().

◆ AddCurrentParameterChunk()

void CodeCompletionBuilder::AddCurrentParameterChunk ( const char *  CurrentParameter)

Add a new current-parameter chunk.

Definition at line 466 of file CodeCompleteConsumer.cpp.

References clang::CodeCompletionString::Chunk::CreateCurrentParameter().

Referenced by AddOverloadParameterChunks().

◆ AddInformativeChunk()

void CodeCompletionBuilder::AddInformativeChunk ( const char *  Text)

Add a new informative chunk.

Definition at line 458 of file CodeCompleteConsumer.cpp.

References clang::CodeCompletionString::Chunk::CreateInformative(), and Text.

◆ AddOptionalChunk()

void CodeCompletionBuilder::AddOptionalChunk ( CodeCompletionString Optional)

Add a new optional chunk.

Definition at line 450 of file CodeCompleteConsumer.cpp.

References clang::CodeCompletionString::Chunk::CreateOptional().

◆ addParentContext()

void CodeCompletionBuilder::addParentContext ( const DeclContext DC)

Add the parent context information to this code completion.

Definition at line 476 of file CodeCompleteConsumer.cpp.

References clang::DeclContext::isFunctionOrMethod(), and clang::DeclContext::isTranslationUnit().

◆ AddPlaceholderChunk()

void CodeCompletionBuilder::AddPlaceholderChunk ( const char *  Placeholder)

Add a new placeholder chunk.

Definition at line 454 of file CodeCompleteConsumer.cpp.

References clang::CodeCompletionString::Chunk::CreatePlaceholder().

Referenced by AddOverloadParameterChunks().

◆ AddResultTypeChunk()

void CodeCompletionBuilder::AddResultTypeChunk ( const char *  ResultType)

Add a new result-type chunk.

Definition at line 462 of file CodeCompleteConsumer.cpp.

References clang::CodeCompletionString::Chunk::CreateResultType().

◆ AddTextChunk()

void CodeCompletionBuilder::AddTextChunk ( const char *  Text)

Add a new text chunk.

Definition at line 446 of file CodeCompleteConsumer.cpp.

References clang::CodeCompletionString::Chunk::CreateText(), and Text.

◆ AddTypedTextChunk()

void CodeCompletionBuilder::AddTypedTextChunk ( const char *  Text)

Add a new typed-text chunk.

Definition at line 442 of file CodeCompleteConsumer.cpp.

References clang::CodeCompletionString::CK_TypedText, and Text.

◆ getAllocator()

CodeCompletionAllocator& clang::CodeCompletionBuilder::getAllocator ( ) const

Retrieve the allocator into which the code completion strings should be allocated.

Definition at line 707 of file CodeCompleteConsumer.h.

◆ getBriefComment()

const char* clang::CodeCompletionBuilder::getBriefComment ( ) const

Definition at line 745 of file CodeCompleteConsumer.h.

◆ getCodeCompletionTUInfo()

CodeCompletionTUInfo& clang::CodeCompletionBuilder::getCodeCompletionTUInfo ( ) const

Definition at line 709 of file CodeCompleteConsumer.h.

◆ getParentName()

StringRef clang::CodeCompletionBuilder::getParentName ( ) const

Definition at line 748 of file CodeCompleteConsumer.h.

◆ TakeString()

CodeCompletionString * CodeCompletionBuilder::TakeString ( )

Take the resulting completion string.

This operation can only be performed once.

Definition at line 430 of file CodeCompleteConsumer.cpp.

References Priority.

Referenced by AddFunctionParameterChunks(), AddOverloadParameterChunks(), and AddTemplateParameterChunks().

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