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Documentation.h File Reference
#include "clang-c/CXErrorCode.h"
#include "clang-c/ExternC.h"
#include "clang-c/Index.h"

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struct  CXComment
 A parsed comment. More...


typedef struct CXAPISetImpl * CXAPISet
 CXAPISet is an opaque type that represents a data structure containing all the API information for a given translation unit.


enum  CXCommentKind {
  CXComment_Null = 0 , CXComment_Text = 1 , CXComment_InlineCommand = 2 , CXComment_HTMLStartTag = 3 ,
  CXComment_HTMLEndTag = 4 , CXComment_Paragraph = 5 , CXComment_BlockCommand = 6 , CXComment_ParamCommand = 7 ,
  CXComment_TParamCommand = 8 , CXComment_VerbatimBlockCommand = 9 , CXComment_VerbatimBlockLine = 10 , CXComment_VerbatimLine = 11 ,
  CXComment_FullComment = 12
 Describes the type of the comment AST node (CXComment). More...
enum  CXCommentInlineCommandRenderKind {
  CXCommentInlineCommandRenderKind_Normal , CXCommentInlineCommandRenderKind_Bold , CXCommentInlineCommandRenderKind_Monospaced , CXCommentInlineCommandRenderKind_Emphasized ,
 The most appropriate rendering mode for an inline command, chosen on command semantics in Doxygen. More...
enum  CXCommentParamPassDirection { CXCommentParamPassDirection_In , CXCommentParamPassDirection_Out , CXCommentParamPassDirection_InOut }
 Describes parameter passing direction for \param or \arg command. More...


CINDEX_LINKAGE CXComment clang_Cursor_getParsedComment (CXCursor C)
 Given a cursor that represents a documentable entity (e.g., declaration), return the associated parsed comment as a CXComment_FullComment AST node.
CINDEX_LINKAGE enum CXCommentKind clang_Comment_getKind (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE unsigned clang_Comment_getNumChildren (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE CXComment clang_Comment_getChild (CXComment Comment, unsigned ChildIdx)
CINDEX_LINKAGE unsigned clang_Comment_isWhitespace (CXComment Comment)
 A CXComment_Paragraph node is considered whitespace if it contains only CXComment_Text nodes that are empty or whitespace.
CINDEX_LINKAGE unsigned clang_InlineContentComment_hasTrailingNewline (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE CXString clang_TextComment_getText (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE CXString clang_InlineCommandComment_getCommandName (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE enum CXCommentInlineCommandRenderKind clang_InlineCommandComment_getRenderKind (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE unsigned clang_InlineCommandComment_getNumArgs (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE CXString clang_InlineCommandComment_getArgText (CXComment Comment, unsigned ArgIdx)
CINDEX_LINKAGE CXString clang_HTMLTagComment_getTagName (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE unsigned clang_HTMLStartTagComment_isSelfClosing (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE unsigned clang_HTMLStartTag_getNumAttrs (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE CXString clang_HTMLStartTag_getAttrName (CXComment Comment, unsigned AttrIdx)
CINDEX_LINKAGE CXString clang_HTMLStartTag_getAttrValue (CXComment Comment, unsigned AttrIdx)
CINDEX_LINKAGE CXString clang_BlockCommandComment_getCommandName (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE unsigned clang_BlockCommandComment_getNumArgs (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE CXString clang_BlockCommandComment_getArgText (CXComment Comment, unsigned ArgIdx)
CINDEX_LINKAGE CXComment clang_BlockCommandComment_getParagraph (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE CXString clang_ParamCommandComment_getParamName (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE unsigned clang_ParamCommandComment_isParamIndexValid (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE unsigned clang_ParamCommandComment_getParamIndex (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE unsigned clang_ParamCommandComment_isDirectionExplicit (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE enum CXCommentParamPassDirection clang_ParamCommandComment_getDirection (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE CXString clang_TParamCommandComment_getParamName (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE unsigned clang_TParamCommandComment_isParamPositionValid (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE unsigned clang_TParamCommandComment_getDepth (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE unsigned clang_TParamCommandComment_getIndex (CXComment Comment, unsigned Depth)
CINDEX_LINKAGE CXString clang_VerbatimBlockLineComment_getText (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE CXString clang_VerbatimLineComment_getText (CXComment Comment)
CINDEX_LINKAGE CXString clang_HTMLTagComment_getAsString (CXComment Comment)
 Convert an HTML tag AST node to string.
CINDEX_LINKAGE CXString clang_FullComment_getAsHTML (CXComment Comment)
 Convert a given full parsed comment to an HTML fragment.
CINDEX_LINKAGE CXString clang_FullComment_getAsXML (CXComment Comment)
 Convert a given full parsed comment to an XML document.
CINDEX_LINKAGE enum CXErrorCode clang_createAPISet (CXTranslationUnit tu, CXAPISet *out_api)
 Traverses the translation unit to create a CXAPISet.
CINDEX_LINKAGE void clang_disposeAPISet (CXAPISet api)
 Dispose of an APISet.
CINDEX_LINKAGE CXString clang_getSymbolGraphForUSR (const char *usr, CXAPISet api)
 Generate a single symbol symbol graph for the given USR.
CINDEX_LINKAGE CXString clang_getSymbolGraphForCursor (CXCursor cursor)
 Generate a single symbol symbol graph for the declaration at the given cursor.