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Types.h File Reference
#include "clang/Basic/Specifiers.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/ArrayRef.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
#include <climits>
#include <optional>
#include <vector>

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class  clang::api_notes::CommonEntityInfo
 Describes API notes data for any entity. More...
class  clang::api_notes::CommonTypeInfo
 Describes API notes for types. More...
class  clang::api_notes::ObjCContextInfo
 Describes API notes data for an Objective-C class or protocol. More...
class  clang::api_notes::VariableInfo
 API notes for a variable/property. More...
class  clang::api_notes::ObjCPropertyInfo
 Describes API notes data for an Objective-C property. More...
class  clang::api_notes::ParamInfo
 Describes a function or method parameter. More...
class  clang::api_notes::FunctionInfo
 API notes for a function or method. More...
class  clang::api_notes::ObjCMethodInfo
 Describes API notes data for an Objective-C method. More...
class  clang::api_notes::GlobalVariableInfo
 Describes API notes data for a global variable. More...
class  clang::api_notes::GlobalFunctionInfo
 Describes API notes data for a global function. More...
class  clang::api_notes::EnumConstantInfo
 Describes API notes data for an enumerator. More...
class  clang::api_notes::TagInfo
 Describes API notes data for a tag. More...
class  clang::api_notes::TypedefInfo
 Describes API notes data for a typedef. More...
class  clang::api_notes::ContextID
 Opaque context ID used to refer to an Objective-C class or protocol or a C++ namespace. More...
struct  clang::api_notes::Context
struct  clang::api_notes::ObjCSelectorRef
 A temporary reference to an Objective-C selector, suitable for referencing selector data on the stack. More...


namespace  llvm
 Diagnostic wrappers for TextAPI types for error reporting.
namespace  clang
 The JSON file list parser is used to communicate input to InstallAPI.
namespace  clang::api_notes


enum class  clang::api_notes::RetainCountConventionKind {
  clang::api_notes::None , clang::api_notes::CFReturnsRetained , clang::api_notes::CFReturnsNotRetained , clang::api_notes::NSReturnsRetained ,
enum class  clang::api_notes::EnumExtensibilityKind { clang::api_notes::None , clang::api_notes::Open , clang::api_notes::Closed }
 The payload for an enum_extensibility attribute. More...
enum class  clang::api_notes::SwiftNewTypeKind { clang::api_notes::None , clang::api_notes::Struct , clang::api_notes::Enum }
 The kind of a swift_wrapper/swift_newtype. More...
enum class  clang::api_notes::ContextKind : uint8_t { clang::api_notes::ObjCClass = 0 , clang::api_notes::ObjCProtocol = 1 , clang::api_notes::Namespace = 2 }


bool clang::api_notes::operator== (const CommonEntityInfo &LHS, const CommonEntityInfo &RHS)
bool clang::api_notes::operator!= (const CommonEntityInfo &LHS, const CommonEntityInfo &RHS)
bool clang::api_notes::operator== (const CommonTypeInfo &LHS, const CommonTypeInfo &RHS)
bool clang::api_notes::operator!= (const CommonTypeInfo &LHS, const CommonTypeInfo &RHS)
bool clang::api_notes::operator== (const ObjCContextInfo &LHS, const ObjCContextInfo &RHS)
bool clang::api_notes::operator!= (const ObjCContextInfo &LHS, const ObjCContextInfo &RHS)
bool clang::api_notes::operator== (const VariableInfo &LHS, const VariableInfo &RHS)
bool clang::api_notes::operator!= (const VariableInfo &LHS, const VariableInfo &RHS)
bool clang::api_notes::operator== (const ObjCPropertyInfo &LHS, const ObjCPropertyInfo &RHS)
bool clang::api_notes::operator!= (const ObjCPropertyInfo &LHS, const ObjCPropertyInfo &RHS)
bool clang::api_notes::operator== (const ParamInfo &LHS, const ParamInfo &RHS)
bool clang::api_notes::operator!= (const ParamInfo &LHS, const ParamInfo &RHS)
bool clang::api_notes::operator== (const FunctionInfo &LHS, const FunctionInfo &RHS)
bool clang::api_notes::operator!= (const FunctionInfo &LHS, const FunctionInfo &RHS)
bool clang::api_notes::operator== (const ObjCMethodInfo &LHS, const ObjCMethodInfo &RHS)
bool clang::api_notes::operator!= (const ObjCMethodInfo &LHS, const ObjCMethodInfo &RHS)
bool clang::api_notes::operator== (const TagInfo &LHS, const TagInfo &RHS)
bool clang::api_notes::operator!= (const TagInfo &LHS, const TagInfo &RHS)
bool clang::api_notes::operator== (const TypedefInfo &LHS, const TypedefInfo &RHS)
bool clang::api_notes::operator!= (const TypedefInfo &LHS, const TypedefInfo &RHS)


static const constexpr char clang::api_notes::SOURCE_APINOTES_EXTENSION [] = "apinotes"
 The file extension used for the source representation of API notes.