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MultiwayPathsCoveredCheck.cpp File Reference
#include "MultiwayPathsCoveredCheck.h"
#include "clang/AST/ASTContext.h"
#include <limits>

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namespace  clang
 ===– Representation.cpp - ClangDoc Representation --------—*- C++ -*-===//
namespace  clang::tidy
namespace  clang::tidy::hicpp


static std::pair< std::size_t, bool > clang::tidy::hicpp::countCaseLabels (const SwitchStmt *Switch)
static std::size_t clang::tidy::hicpp::twoPow (std::size_t Bits)
 This function calculate 2 ** Bits and returns numeric_limits<std::size_t>::max() if an overflow occurred.
static std::size_t clang::tidy::hicpp::getNumberOfPossibleValues (QualType T, const ASTContext &Context)
 Get the number of possible values that can be switched on for the type T.