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CXFile.h File Reference
#include <time.h>
#include "clang-c/CXString.h"
#include "clang-c/ExternC.h"
#include "clang-c/Platform.h"

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struct  CXFileUniqueID
 Uniquely identifies a CXFile, that refers to the same underlying file, across an indexing session. More...


typedef void * CXFile
 A particular source file that is part of a translation unit.


CINDEX_LINKAGE CXString clang_getFileName (CXFile SFile)
 Retrieve the complete file and path name of the given file.
CINDEX_LINKAGE time_t clang_getFileTime (CXFile SFile)
 Retrieve the last modification time of the given file.
CINDEX_LINKAGE int clang_getFileUniqueID (CXFile file, CXFileUniqueID *outID)
 Retrieve the unique ID for the given file.
CINDEX_LINKAGE int clang_File_isEqual (CXFile file1, CXFile file2)
 Returns non-zero if the file1 and file2 point to the same file, or they are both NULL.
CINDEX_LINKAGE CXString clang_File_tryGetRealPathName (CXFile file)
 Returns the real path name of file.