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clang::OMPClause Class Reference

This is a basic class for representing single OpenMP clause. More...

#include "clang/AST/OpenMPClause.h"

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Public Types

using child_iterator = StmtIterator
using const_child_iterator = ConstStmtIterator
using child_range = llvm::iterator_range< child_iterator >
using const_child_range = llvm::iterator_range< const_child_iterator >

Public Member Functions

SourceLocation getBeginLoc () const
 Returns the starting location of the clause. More...
SourceLocation getEndLoc () const
 Returns the ending location of the clause. More...
void setLocStart (SourceLocation Loc)
 Sets the starting location of the clause. More...
void setLocEnd (SourceLocation Loc)
 Sets the ending location of the clause. More...
OpenMPClauseKind getClauseKind () const
 Returns kind of OpenMP clause (private, shared, reduction, etc.). More...
bool isImplicit () const
child_range children ()
const_child_range children () const
child_range used_children ()
 Get the iterator range for the expressions used in the clauses. More...
const_child_range used_children () const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool classof (const OMPClause *)

Protected Member Functions

 OMPClause (OpenMPClauseKind K, SourceLocation StartLoc, SourceLocation EndLoc)

Detailed Description

This is a basic class for representing single OpenMP clause.

Definition at line 50 of file OpenMPClause.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ child_iterator

Definition at line 82 of file OpenMPClause.h.

◆ child_range

using clang::OMPClause::child_range = llvm::iterator_range<child_iterator>

Definition at line 84 of file OpenMPClause.h.

◆ const_child_iterator

Definition at line 83 of file OpenMPClause.h.

◆ const_child_range

Definition at line 85 of file OpenMPClause.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OMPClause()

clang::OMPClause::OMPClause ( OpenMPClauseKind  K,
SourceLocation  StartLoc,
SourceLocation  EndLoc 

Definition at line 61 of file OpenMPClause.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ children() [1/2]

OMPClause::child_range OMPClause::children ( )

◆ children() [2/2]

const_child_range clang::OMPClause::children ( ) const

Definition at line 88 of file OpenMPClause.h.

References children().

◆ classof()

static bool clang::OMPClause::classof ( const OMPClause )

Definition at line 102 of file OpenMPClause.h.

◆ getBeginLoc()

SourceLocation clang::OMPClause::getBeginLoc ( ) const

◆ getClauseKind()

OpenMPClauseKind clang::OMPClause::getClauseKind ( ) const

Returns kind of OpenMP clause (private, shared, reduction, etc.).

Definition at line 78 of file OpenMPClause.h.

Referenced by clang::Sema::ActOnOpenMPRegionEnd(), clang::Sema::ActOnOpenMPSingleDirective(), checkAllocateClauses(), checkGrainsizeNumTasksClauses(), checkSimdlenSafelenSpecified(), children(), clang::OMPAllocatorClause::classof(), clang::OMPAllocateClause::classof(), clang::OMPIfClause::classof(), clang::OMPFinalClause::classof(), clang::OMPNumThreadsClause::classof(), clang::OMPSafelenClause::classof(), clang::OMPSimdlenClause::classof(), clang::OMPCollapseClause::classof(), clang::OMPDefaultClause::classof(), clang::OMPProcBindClause::classof(), clang::OMPUnifiedAddressClause::classof(), clang::OMPUnifiedSharedMemoryClause::classof(), clang::OMPReverseOffloadClause::classof(), clang::OMPDynamicAllocatorsClause::classof(), clang::OMPAtomicDefaultMemOrderClause::classof(), clang::OMPScheduleClause::classof(), clang::OMPOrderedClause::classof(), clang::OMPNowaitClause::classof(), clang::OMPUntiedClause::classof(), clang::OMPMergeableClause::classof(), clang::OMPReadClause::classof(), clang::OMPWriteClause::classof(), clang::OMPUpdateClause::classof(), clang::OMPCaptureClause::classof(), clang::OMPSeqCstClause::classof(), clang::OMPPrivateClause::classof(), clang::OMPFirstprivateClause::classof(), clang::OMPLastprivateClause::classof(), clang::OMPSharedClause::classof(), clang::OMPReductionClause::classof(), clang::OMPTaskReductionClause::classof(), clang::OMPInReductionClause::classof(), clang::classof(), clang::OMPClauseWithPreInit::get(), clang::OMPClauseWithPostUpdate::get(), clang::ast_type_traits::ASTNodeKind::getFromNode(), hasClauses(), used_children(), clang::TextNodeDumper::Visit(), and clang::OMPClauseWriter::writeClause().

◆ getEndLoc()

SourceLocation clang::OMPClause::getEndLoc ( ) const

◆ isImplicit()

bool clang::OMPClause::isImplicit ( ) const

Definition at line 80 of file OpenMPClause.h.

References clang::SourceLocation::isInvalid().

Referenced by clang::TextNodeDumper::Visit().

◆ setLocEnd()

void clang::OMPClause::setLocEnd ( SourceLocation  Loc)

Sets the ending location of the clause.

Definition at line 75 of file OpenMPClause.h.

◆ setLocStart()

void clang::OMPClause::setLocStart ( SourceLocation  Loc)

Sets the starting location of the clause.

Definition at line 72 of file OpenMPClause.h.

◆ used_children() [1/2]

OMPClause::child_range OMPClause::used_children ( )

◆ used_children() [2/2]

const_child_range clang::OMPClause::used_children ( ) const

Definition at line 97 of file OpenMPClause.h.

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