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clang::CFG::BuildOptions Class Reference

#include "clang/Analysis/CFG.h"

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Public Types

typedef llvm::DenseMap< const Stmt *, const CFGBlock * > ForcedBlkExprs

Public Member Functions

bool alwaysAdd (const Stmt *stmt) const
BuildOptionssetAlwaysAdd (Stmt::StmtClass stmtClass, bool val=true)
BuildOptionssetAllAlwaysAdd ()
 BuildOptions ()

Public Attributes

ForcedBlkExprs ** forcedBlkExprs
bool PruneTriviallyFalseEdges
bool AddEHEdges
bool AddInitializers
bool AddImplicitDtors
bool AddLifetime
bool AddLoopExit
bool AddTemporaryDtors
bool AddStaticInitBranches
bool AddCXXNewAllocator
bool AddCXXDefaultInitExprInCtors

Detailed Description

Definition at line 814 of file CFG.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ForcedBlkExprs

typedef llvm::DenseMap<const Stmt *, const CFGBlock*> clang::CFG::BuildOptions::ForcedBlkExprs

Definition at line 817 of file CFG.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BuildOptions()

clang::CFG::BuildOptions::BuildOptions ( )

Definition at line 845 of file CFG.h.

References clang::C.

Member Function Documentation

◆ alwaysAdd()

bool clang::CFG::BuildOptions::alwaysAdd ( const Stmt stmt) const

Definition at line 831 of file CFG.h.

References clang::Stmt::getStmtClass().

◆ setAllAlwaysAdd()

BuildOptions& clang::CFG::BuildOptions::setAllAlwaysAdd ( )

Definition at line 840 of file CFG.h.

Referenced by clang::sema::AnalysisBasedWarnings::IssueWarnings().

◆ setAlwaysAdd()

BuildOptions& clang::CFG::BuildOptions::setAlwaysAdd ( Stmt::StmtClass  stmtClass,
bool  val = true 

Definition at line 835 of file CFG.h.

Referenced by clang::sema::AnalysisBasedWarnings::IssueWarnings().

Member Data Documentation

◆ AddCXXDefaultInitExprInCtors

bool clang::CFG::BuildOptions::AddCXXDefaultInitExprInCtors

Definition at line 829 of file CFG.h.

Referenced by clang::sema::AnalysisBasedWarnings::IssueWarnings().

◆ AddCXXNewAllocator

bool clang::CFG::BuildOptions::AddCXXNewAllocator

◆ AddEHEdges

bool clang::CFG::BuildOptions::AddEHEdges

◆ AddImplicitDtors

bool clang::CFG::BuildOptions::AddImplicitDtors

◆ AddInitializers

bool clang::CFG::BuildOptions::AddInitializers

◆ AddLifetime

bool clang::CFG::BuildOptions::AddLifetime

◆ AddLoopExit

bool clang::CFG::BuildOptions::AddLoopExit

◆ AddStaticInitBranches

bool clang::CFG::BuildOptions::AddStaticInitBranches

◆ AddTemporaryDtors

bool clang::CFG::BuildOptions::AddTemporaryDtors

◆ forcedBlkExprs

ForcedBlkExprs** clang::CFG::BuildOptions::forcedBlkExprs

Definition at line 818 of file CFG.h.

Referenced by clang::AnalysisDeclContext::AnalysisDeclContext().

◆ Observer

CFGCallback* clang::CFG::BuildOptions::Observer

◆ PruneTriviallyFalseEdges

bool clang::CFG::BuildOptions::PruneTriviallyFalseEdges

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