Finds global variable declarations in Objective-C files that do not follow the pattern of variable names in Google’s Objective-C Style Guide.

The corresponding style guide rule:

All the global variables should follow the pattern of g[A-Z].* (variables) or k[A-Z].* (constants). The check will suggest a variable name that follows the pattern if it can be inferred from the original name.

For code:

static NSString* myString = @"hello";

The fix will be:

static NSString* gMyString = @"hello";

Another example of constant:

static NSString* const myConstString = @"hello";

The fix will be:

static NSString* const kMyConstString = @"hello";

However for code that prefixed with non-alphabetical characters like:

static NSString* __anotherString = @"world";

The check will give a warning message but will not be able to suggest a fix. The user needs to fix it on their own.