Checks whether a std::string::find() or std::string::rfind() (and corresponding std::string_view methods) result is compared with 0, and suggests replacing with absl::StartsWith(). This is both a readability and performance issue.

starts_with was added as a built-in function on those types in C++20. If available, prefer enabling modernize-use-starts-ends-with instead of this check.

string s = "...";
if (s.find("Hello World") == 0) { /* do something */ }
if (s.rfind("Hello World", 0) == 0) { /* do something */ }


string s = "...";
if (absl::StartsWith(s, "Hello World")) { /* do something */ }
if (absl::StartsWith(s, "Hello World")) { /* do something */ }



Semicolon-separated list of names of string-like classes. By default both std::basic_string and std::basic_string_view are considered. The list of methods to be considered is fixed.


A string specifying which include-style is used, llvm or google. Default is llvm.


The location of Abseil’s strings/match.h. Defaults to absl/strings/match.h.