clang 19.0.0git
clang::BumpVector< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for clang::BumpVector< T >, including all inherited members.

back()clang::BumpVector< T >inline
back() constclang::BumpVector< T >inline
begin()clang::BumpVector< T >inline
begin() constclang::BumpVector< T >inline
BumpVector(BumpVectorContext &C, unsigned N)clang::BumpVector< T >inlineexplicit
capacity() constclang::BumpVector< T >inline
clear()clang::BumpVector< T >inline
const_iterator typedefclang::BumpVector< T >
const_pointer typedefclang::BumpVector< T >
const_reference typedefclang::BumpVector< T >
const_reverse_iterator typedefclang::BumpVector< T >
data()clang::BumpVector< T >inline
data() constclang::BumpVector< T >inline
difference_type typedefclang::BumpVector< T >
empty() constclang::BumpVector< T >inline
end()clang::BumpVector< T >inline
end() constclang::BumpVector< T >inline
front()clang::BumpVector< T >inline
front() constclang::BumpVector< T >inline
insert(iterator I, size_t Cnt, const_reference E, BumpVectorContext &C)clang::BumpVector< T >inline
iterator typedefclang::BumpVector< T >
operator[](unsigned idx)clang::BumpVector< T >inline
operator[](unsigned idx) constclang::BumpVector< T >inline
pointer typedefclang::BumpVector< T >
pop_back()clang::BumpVector< T >inline
pop_back_val()clang::BumpVector< T >inline
push_back(const_reference Elt, BumpVectorContext &C)clang::BumpVector< T >inline
rbegin()clang::BumpVector< T >inline
rbegin() constclang::BumpVector< T >inline
reference typedefclang::BumpVector< T >
rend()clang::BumpVector< T >inline
rend() constclang::BumpVector< T >inline
reserve(BumpVectorContext &C, unsigned N)clang::BumpVector< T >inline
reverse_iterator typedefclang::BumpVector< T >
size() constclang::BumpVector< T >inline
size_type typedefclang::BumpVector< T >
value_type typedefclang::BumpVector< T >
~BumpVector()clang::BumpVector< T >inline