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clang::PTHManager::PTHStringLookupTrait Class Reference

Public Types

using data_type = uint32_t
using external_key_type = const std::pair< const char *, unsigned >
using internal_key_type = external_key_type
using hash_value_type = uint32_t
using offset_type = unsigned

Static Public Member Functions

static bool EqualKey (const internal_key_type &a, const internal_key_type &b)
static hash_value_type ComputeHash (const internal_key_type &a)
static const internal_key_typeGetInternalKey (const external_key_type &x)
static std::pair< unsigned, unsigned > ReadKeyDataLength (const unsigned char *&d)
static std::pair< const char *, unsigned > ReadKey (const unsigned char *d, unsigned n)
static uint32_t ReadData (const internal_key_type &k, const unsigned char *d, unsigned)

Detailed Description

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Member Typedef Documentation

◆ data_type

Definition at line 386 of file PTHLexer.cpp.

◆ external_key_type

using clang::PTHManager::PTHStringLookupTrait::external_key_type = const std::pair<const char *, unsigned>

Definition at line 387 of file PTHLexer.cpp.

◆ hash_value_type

Definition at line 389 of file PTHLexer.cpp.

◆ internal_key_type

Definition at line 388 of file PTHLexer.cpp.

◆ offset_type

Definition at line 390 of file PTHLexer.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ComputeHash()

static hash_value_type clang::PTHManager::PTHStringLookupTrait::ComputeHash ( const internal_key_type a)

Definition at line 398 of file PTHLexer.cpp.

◆ EqualKey()

static bool clang::PTHManager::PTHStringLookupTrait::EqualKey ( const internal_key_type a,
const internal_key_type b 

Definition at line 392 of file PTHLexer.cpp.

◆ GetInternalKey()

static const internal_key_type& clang::PTHManager::PTHStringLookupTrait::GetInternalKey ( const external_key_type x)

Definition at line 404 of file PTHLexer.cpp.

◆ ReadData()

static uint32_t clang::PTHManager::PTHStringLookupTrait::ReadData ( const internal_key_type k,
const unsigned char *  d,

Definition at line 421 of file PTHLexer.cpp.

References clang::PTHManager::~PTHManager().

◆ ReadKey()

static std::pair<const char*, unsigned> clang::PTHManager::PTHStringLookupTrait::ReadKey ( const unsigned char *  d,
unsigned  n 

Definition at line 416 of file PTHLexer.cpp.

◆ ReadKeyDataLength()

static std::pair<unsigned, unsigned> clang::PTHManager::PTHStringLookupTrait::ReadKeyDataLength ( const unsigned char *&  d)

Definition at line 407 of file PTHLexer.cpp.

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