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Types.h File Reference
#include "clang/Driver/Phases.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/SmallVector.h"
#include "llvm/Option/ArgList.h"
#include "clang/Driver/Types.def"
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 Specialize PointerLikeTypeTraits to allow LazyGenerationalUpdatePtr to be placed into a PointerUnion.
 Dataflow Directional Tag Classes.


#define TYPE(NAME, ID, PP_TYPE, TEMP_SUFFIX, ...)   TY_##ID,


enum  clang::driver::types::ID { clang::driver::types::TY_INVALID, clang::driver::types::TY_LAST }


const char * clang::driver::types::getTypeName (ID Id)
 getTypeName - Return the name of the type for Id. More...
ID clang::driver::types::getPreprocessedType (ID Id)
 getPreprocessedType - Get the ID of the type for this input when it has been preprocessed, or INVALID if this input is not preprocessed. More...
ID clang::driver::types::getPrecompiledType (ID Id)
 getPrecompiledType - Get the ID of the type for this input when it has been precompiled, or INVALID if this input is not precompiled. More...
const char * clang::driver::types::getTypeTempSuffix (ID Id, bool CLMode=false)
 getTypeTempSuffix - Return the suffix to use when creating a temp file of this type, or null if unspecified. More...
bool clang::driver::types::onlyPrecompileType (ID Id)
 onlyPrecompileType - Should this type only be precompiled. More...
bool clang::driver::types::canTypeBeUserSpecified (ID Id)
 canTypeBeUserSpecified - Can this type be specified on the command line (by the type name); this is used when forwarding commands to gcc. More...
bool clang::driver::types::appendSuffixForType (ID Id)
 appendSuffixForType - When generating outputs of this type, should the suffix be appended (instead of replacing the existing suffix). More...
bool clang::driver::types::canLipoType (ID Id)
 canLipoType - Is this type acceptable as the output of a universal build (currently, just the Nothing, Image, and Object types). More...
bool clang::driver::types::isAcceptedByClang (ID Id)
 isAcceptedByClang - Can clang handle this input type. More...
bool clang::driver::types::isCXX (ID Id)
 isCXX - Is this a "C++" input (C++ and Obj-C++ sources and headers). More...
bool clang::driver::types::isLLVMIR (ID Id)
 Is this LLVM IR. More...
bool clang::driver::types::isCuda (ID Id)
 isCuda - Is this a CUDA input. More...
bool clang::driver::types::isHIP (ID Id)
 isHIP - Is this a HIP input. More...
bool clang::driver::types::isObjC (ID Id)
 isObjC - Is this an "ObjC" input (Obj-C and Obj-C++ sources and headers). More...
bool clang::driver::types::isFortran (ID Id)
 isFortran - Is this a Fortran input. More...
bool clang::driver::types::isSrcFile (ID Id)
 isSrcFile - Is this a source file, i.e. More...
ID clang::driver::types::lookupTypeForExtension (llvm::StringRef Ext)
 lookupTypeForExtension - Lookup the type to use for the file extension Ext. More...
ID clang::driver::types::lookupTypeForTypeSpecifier (const char *Name)
 lookupTypeForTypSpecifier - Lookup the type to use for a user specified type name. More...
llvm::SmallVector< phases::ID, phases::MaxNumberOfPhases > clang::driver::types::getCompilationPhases (ID Id, phases::ID LastPhase=phases::LastPhase)
 getCompilationPhases - Get the list of compilation phases ('Phases') to be done for type 'Id' up until including LastPhase. More...
llvm::SmallVector< phases::ID, phases::MaxNumberOfPhases > clang::driver::types::getCompilationPhases (const clang::driver::Driver &Driver, llvm::opt::DerivedArgList &DAL, ID Id)
ID clang::driver::types::lookupCXXTypeForCType (ID Id)
 lookupCXXTypeForCType - Lookup CXX input type that corresponds to given C type (used for clang++ emulation of g++ behaviour) More...
ID clang::driver::types::lookupHeaderTypeForSourceType (ID Id)
 Lookup header file input type that corresponds to given source file type (used for clang-cl emulation of ). More...

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#define TYPE (   NAME,
)    TY_##ID,

Definition at line 25 of file Types.h.