clang-tools  7.0.0svn
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CHelpQueryQuery for "help"
 CInvalidQueryAny query which resulted in a parse error. The error message is in ErrStr
 CMatchQueryQuery for "match MATCHER"
 CNoOpQueryNo-op query (i.e. a blank line)
 CQuerySessionRepresents the state for a particular clang-query session
 CQuitQueryQuery for "quit"
 CSetQueryQuery for "set VAR VALUE"
 CSetQueryKind< bool >
 CSetQueryKind< OutputKind >
 CClangTidyCheckBase class for all clang-tidy checks
 CClangTidyCheckFactoriesA collection of ClangTidyCheckFactory instances
 CClangTidyContextEvery ClangTidyCheck reports errors through a DiagnosticsEngine provided by this context
 CClangTidyDiagnosticConsumerA diagnostic consumer that turns each Diagnostic into a SourceManager-independent ClangTidyError
 CClangTidyErrorA detected error complete with information to display diagnostic and automatic fix
 CClangTidyGlobalOptionsGlobal options
 CClangTidyModuleA clang-tidy module groups a number of ClangTidyChecks and gives them a prefixed name
 CClangTidyOptionsContains options for clang-tidy
 CClangTidyOptionsProviderAbstract interface for retrieving various ClangTidy options
 CClangTidyPluginActionThe core clang tidy plugin action
 CClangTidyStatsContains displayed and ignored diagnostic counters for a ClangTidy run
 CConfigOptionsProviderImplementation of ClangTidyOptions interface, which is used for '-config' command-line option
 CDefaultOptionsProviderImplementation of the ClangTidyOptionsProvider interface, which returns the same options for all files
 CFileFilterContains a list of line ranges in a single file
 CFileOptionsProviderImplementation of the ClangTidyOptionsProvider interface, which tries to find a configuration file in the closest parent directory of each source file
 CGlobListRead-only set of strings represented as a list of positive and negative globs
 COptionsViewProvides access to the ClangTidyCheck options via check-local names
 CMappingTraits< ClangTidyOptions >
 CMappingTraits< ClangTidyOptions::StringPair >
 CMappingTraits< FileFilter >
 CSequenceTraits< FileFilter::LineRange >
 CDenseMapInfo< clang::tidy::cppcoreguidelines::SpecialMemberFunctionsCheck::ClassDefId >Specialisation of DenseMapInfo to allow ClassDefId objects in DenseMaps FIXME: Move this to the corresponding cpp file as is done for clang-tidy/readability/IdentifierNamingCheck.cpp
 CDenseMapInfo< clang::tidy::readability::IdentifierNamingCheck::NamingCheckId >Specialisation of DenseMapInfo to allow NamingCheckId objects in DenseMaps
 CCoverageCheckerModule map checker class
 CModularizeUtilitiesModularize utilities class
 CPreprocessorTrackerPreprocessor tracker for modularize
 CArgumentThis class represents one callback function argument by name and value
 CCallbackCallThis class represents one callback call by name and an array of arguments
 CPPCallbacksTrackerThis class overrides the PPCallbacks class for tracking preprocessor activity by means of its callback functions