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XRefs.cpp File Reference
#include "XRefs.h"
#include "AST.h"
#include "Logger.h"
#include "SourceCode.h"
#include "URI.h"
#include "clang/AST/DeclTemplate.h"
#include "clang/AST/RecursiveASTVisitor.h"
#include "clang/Index/IndexDataConsumer.h"
#include "clang/Index/IndexingAction.h"
#include "clang/Index/USRGeneration.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Path.h"
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 ===– Representation.cpp - ClangDoc Representation --------—*- C++ -*-===//


std::vector< Locationclang::clangd::findDefinitions (ParsedAST &AST, Position Pos, const SymbolIndex *Index=nullptr)
 Get definition of symbol at a specified Pos. More...
std::vector< DocumentHighlight > clang::clangd::findDocumentHighlights (ParsedAST &AST, Position Pos)
 Returns highlights for all usages of a symbol at Pos. More...
static PrintingPolicy clang::clangd::printingPolicyForDecls (PrintingPolicy Base)
static std::string clang::clangd::typeDeclToString (const TypeDecl *TD)
 Return a string representation (e.g. More...
static std::string clang::clangd::namedDeclQualifiedName (const NamedDecl *ND, StringRef Prefix)
 Return a string representation (e.g. More...
static Optional< std::string > clang::clangd::getScopeName (const Decl *D)
 Given a declaration D, return a human-readable string representing the scope in which it is declared. More...
static Hover clang::clangd::getHoverContents (const Decl *D)
 Generate a Hover object given the declaration D. More...
static Hover clang::clangd::getHoverContents (QualType T, ASTContext &ASTCtx)
 Generate a Hover object given the type T. More...
static Hover clang::clangd::getHoverContents (StringRef MacroName)
 Generate a Hover object given the macro MacroInf. More...
Optional< QualType > clang::clangd::getDeducedType (ParsedAST &AST, SourceLocation SourceLocationBeg)
 Retrieves the deduced type at a given location (auto, decltype). More...
Optional< Hover > clang::clangd::getHover (ParsedAST &AST, Position Pos)
 Get the hover information when hovering at Pos. More...
std::vector< Locationclang::clangd::findReferences (ParsedAST &AST, Position Pos, const SymbolIndex *Index=nullptr)
 Returns reference locations of the symbol at a specified Pos. More...

Variable Documentation

◆ CanonicalTarget

const Decl* CanonicalTarget

Definition at line 368 of file XRefs.cpp.

◆ D

const Decl* D

◆ Info

const MacroInfo* Info

Definition at line 75 of file XRefs.cpp.

◆ IsReferencedExplicitly

bool IsReferencedExplicitly = false

Definition at line 81 of file XRefs.cpp.

◆ Loc

SourceLocation Loc

Definition at line 369 of file XRefs.cpp.

◆ Macros

std::vector<MacroDecl> Macros

Definition at line 203 of file XRefs.cpp.

◆ Name

StringRef Name

◆ Role

index::SymbolRoleSet Role

Definition at line 370 of file XRefs.cpp.