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clang::LambdaIntroducer::LambdaCapture Struct Reference

An individual capture in a lambda introducer. More...

#include "clang/Sema/DeclSpec.h"

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Public Member Functions

 LambdaCapture (LambdaCaptureKind Kind, SourceLocation Loc, IdentifierInfo *Id, SourceLocation EllipsisLoc, LambdaCaptureInitKind InitKind, ExprResult Init, ParsedType InitCaptureType, SourceRange ExplicitRange)

Public Attributes

LambdaCaptureKind Kind
SourceLocation Loc
SourceLocation EllipsisLoc
LambdaCaptureInitKind InitKind
ExprResult Init
ParsedType InitCaptureType
SourceRange ExplicitRange

Detailed Description

An individual capture in a lambda introducer.

Definition at line 2561 of file DeclSpec.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LambdaCapture()

clang::LambdaIntroducer::LambdaCapture::LambdaCapture ( LambdaCaptureKind  Kind,
SourceLocation  Loc,
IdentifierInfo Id,
SourceLocation  EllipsisLoc,
LambdaCaptureInitKind  InitKind,
ExprResult  Init,
ParsedType  InitCaptureType,
SourceRange  ExplicitRange 

Definition at line 2571 of file DeclSpec.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ EllipsisLoc

SourceLocation clang::LambdaIntroducer::LambdaCapture::EllipsisLoc

Definition at line 2565 of file DeclSpec.h.

◆ ExplicitRange

SourceRange clang::LambdaIntroducer::LambdaCapture::ExplicitRange

Definition at line 2569 of file DeclSpec.h.

◆ Id

IdentifierInfo* clang::LambdaIntroducer::LambdaCapture::Id

Definition at line 2564 of file DeclSpec.h.

◆ Init

ExprResult clang::LambdaIntroducer::LambdaCapture::Init

Definition at line 2567 of file DeclSpec.h.

◆ InitCaptureType

ParsedType clang::LambdaIntroducer::LambdaCapture::InitCaptureType

Definition at line 2568 of file DeclSpec.h.

◆ InitKind

LambdaCaptureInitKind clang::LambdaIntroducer::LambdaCapture::InitKind

Definition at line 2566 of file DeclSpec.h.

◆ Kind

LambdaCaptureKind clang::LambdaIntroducer::LambdaCapture::Kind

Definition at line 2562 of file DeclSpec.h.

◆ Loc

SourceLocation clang::LambdaIntroducer::LambdaCapture::Loc

Definition at line 2563 of file DeclSpec.h.

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