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CXIdxEntityRefInfo Struct Reference

Data for IndexerCallbacks::indexEntityReference. More...

#include "clang-c/Index.h"

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Public Attributes

CXIdxEntityRefKind kind
CXCursor cursor
 Reference cursor. More...
CXIdxLoc loc
const CXIdxEntityInforeferencedEntity
 The entity that gets referenced. More...
const CXIdxEntityInfoparentEntity
 Immediate "parent" of the reference. More...
const CXIdxContainerInfocontainer
 Lexical container context of the reference. More...

Detailed Description

Data for IndexerCallbacks::indexEntityReference.

Definition at line 6011 of file Index.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ container

const CXIdxContainerInfo* CXIdxEntityRefInfo::container

Lexical container context of the reference.

Definition at line 6037 of file Index.h.

◆ cursor

CXCursor CXIdxEntityRefInfo::cursor

Reference cursor.

Definition at line 6016 of file Index.h.

◆ kind

CXIdxEntityRefKind CXIdxEntityRefInfo::kind

Definition at line 6012 of file Index.h.

◆ loc

CXIdxLoc CXIdxEntityRefInfo::loc

Definition at line 6017 of file Index.h.

◆ parentEntity

const CXIdxEntityInfo* CXIdxEntityRefInfo::parentEntity

Immediate "parent" of the reference.

For example:

Foo *var;

The parent of reference of type 'Foo' is the variable 'var'. For references inside statement bodies of functions/methods, the parentEntity will be the function/method.

Definition at line 6033 of file Index.h.

◆ referencedEntity

const CXIdxEntityInfo* CXIdxEntityRefInfo::referencedEntity

The entity that gets referenced.

Definition at line 6021 of file Index.h.

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