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Debugging facilities
libclang: C Interface to Clang
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CINDEX_LINKAGE CXString clang_getCursorKindSpelling (enum CXCursorKind Kind)
CINDEX_LINKAGE void clang_getDefinitionSpellingAndExtent (CXCursor, const char **startBuf, const char **endBuf, unsigned *startLine, unsigned *startColumn, unsigned *endLine, unsigned *endColumn)
CINDEX_LINKAGE void clang_enableStackTraces (void)
CINDEX_LINKAGE void clang_executeOnThread (void(*fn)(void *), void *user_data, unsigned stack_size)

Detailed Description

These routines are used for testing and debugging, only, and should not be relied upon.

Function Documentation

CINDEX_LINKAGE void clang_executeOnThread ( void(*)(void *)  fn,
void *  user_data,
unsigned  stack_size 
CINDEX_LINKAGE void clang_getDefinitionSpellingAndExtent ( CXCursor  ,
const char **  startBuf,
const char **  endBuf,
unsigned startLine,
unsigned startColumn,
unsigned endLine,
unsigned endColumn