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clang::ScopeContext Class Reference

#include "clang/Analysis/AnalysisDeclContext.h"

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Public Member Functions

 ~ScopeContext () override=default
void Profile (llvm::FoldingSetNodeID &ID) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::LocationContext
virtual ~LocationContext ()
ContextKind getKind () const
int64_t getID () const
AnalysisDeclContextgetAnalysisDeclContext () const
const LocationContextgetParent () const
bool isParentOf (const LocationContext *LC) const
const DeclgetDecl () const
CFGgetCFG () const
template<typename T >
T * getAnalysis () const
ParentMapgetParentMap () const
const ImplicitParamDeclgetSelfDecl () const
const StackFrameContextgetStackFrame () const
virtual bool inTopFrame () const
 Return true if the current LocationContext has no caller context. More...
void dumpStack (raw_ostream &OS, StringRef Indent={}, const char *NL="\, const char *Sep="", std::function< void(const LocationContext *)> printMoreInfoPerContext=[](const LocationContext *) {}) const
void dumpStack () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void Profile (llvm::FoldingSetNodeID &ID, AnalysisDeclContext *ctx, const LocationContext *parent, const Stmt *s)
static bool classof (const LocationContext *Ctx)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from clang::LocationContext
static void ProfileCommon (llvm::FoldingSetNodeID &ID, ContextKind ck, AnalysisDeclContext *ctx, const LocationContext *parent, const void *data)


class LocationContextManager

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from clang::LocationContext
enum  ContextKind { StackFrame, Scope, Block }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from clang::LocationContext
 LocationContext (ContextKind k, AnalysisDeclContext *ctx, const LocationContext *parent, int64_t ID)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 337 of file AnalysisDeclContext.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~ScopeContext()

clang::ScopeContext::~ScopeContext ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ classof()

static bool clang::ScopeContext::classof ( const LocationContext Ctx)

Definition at line 356 of file AnalysisDeclContext.h.

References clang::LocationContext::getKind().

◆ Profile() [1/2]

void ScopeContext::Profile ( llvm::FoldingSetNodeID &  ID)

Implements clang::LocationContext.

Definition at line 363 of file AnalysisDeclContext.cpp.

◆ Profile() [2/2]

static void clang::ScopeContext::Profile ( llvm::FoldingSetNodeID &  ID,
AnalysisDeclContext ctx,
const LocationContext parent,
const Stmt s 

Definition at line 351 of file AnalysisDeclContext.h.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ LocationContextManager

friend class LocationContextManager

Definition at line 338 of file AnalysisDeclContext.h.

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