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DelayedDiagnostic.h File Reference

Defines the classes clang::DelayedDiagnostic and clang::AccessedEntity. More...

#include "clang/Sema/Sema.h"
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class  clang::sema::AccessedEntity
 A declaration being accessed, together with information about how it was accessed. More...
class  clang::sema::DelayedDiagnostic
 A diagnostic message which has been conditionally emitted pending the complete parsing of the current declaration. More...
class  clang::sema::DelayedDiagnosticPool
 A collection of diagnostics which were delayed. More...


 /file This file defines classes for searching and anlyzing source code clones.

Detailed Description

Defines the classes clang::DelayedDiagnostic and clang::AccessedEntity.

DelayedDiangostic is used to record diagnostics that are being conditionally produced during declarator parsing. Certain kinds of diagnostics – notably deprecation and access control – are suppressed based on semantic properties of the parsed declaration that aren't known until it is fully parsed.

Definition in file DelayedDiagnostic.h.